Town and Country – TC42


TC42 Gas Fireplace

Because of the popularity and originality of Town & Country Fireplaces, it comes as no surprise that our product has been copied by competitors. In fact, we consider it a great compliment because that makes Town & Country Fireplaces the leaders in Decorative Direct Vent design. However, because of the construction and materials used in the competitor’s models, we feel obliged to bring to your attention the differences between the original Town & Country Fireplace and a “Look-Alike.”


Original T&C Fireplace vs. a “Look-Alike”

SAFETY-Town & Country Fireplaces are built with ceramic glass. The “Look-Alike” uses tempered glass. Ceramic glass is capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 2000-degrees F. We can save money by using 500-degree F tempered glass, but tempered glass is susceptible to thermal shock and loses its temper over time. The increased risk of glass shattering is not worth the savings.

CONSTRUCTION-The Town & Country firebox is built with twice the steel thickness of the “Look-Alike” (.105 thickness vs. .052 thickness) and Town & Country fireboxes are seam welded, not spot-welded. Thicker, better-built fireboxes are the secret to providing an airtight seal that prevents flue gases from seeping into the room and virtually eliminating the possible annoying sound of “oil canning” found in less expensive builder boxes.

DDVTECHNOLOGYT FLAME DESIGN-Take the Town & Country challenge and burn both fireplaces side-by-side. The Town & Country flame soars to the top of the fireplace filling the box with dancing yellow flames and the glass virtually disappears leaving you with a full view of the gorgeous fire. The flame of the “Look-Alike” is narrow and dull and the reflections in the glass do not disappear. The engineers of Town & Country Fireplaces invented the patent pending Decorative Direct Vent concept and the difference is obvious. The realistic wood flam is the reason consumers want a Town & Country Fireplace. When it comes to flame technology… there is no substitute.

We refuse to cut corners that will compromise safety, durability or performance.

BTU Input:

  • TC36 Max. BTU: 47,000BTU
  • TC36 Min. BTU: 35,000BTU
  • TC42 Max. BTU: 61,000BTU
  • TC42 Min. BTU: 46,200BTU
  • TC36 (NG or LP): 36.45%
  • TC42 (NG or LP): 37.19%