Sales Process

Sales Process


Our In-Home Consultation Experience

RS Heating uses a state-of-the-art visual based presentation and proposal generation system. This consumer friendly tool creates an interactive experience that allows us to discuss your needs and the solutions we offer to address them.

Our presentation tools will allow us to highlight the specific benefits of the solutions we offer and to provide you with a detailed estimate at the end of our visit.


Heat Loss Calculation

A heat loss calculation determines your house BTU (British Thermal Unit).  Heat loss factors include conduction through construction materials, air infiltration losses and the difference between actual or projected outside temperatures and desired temperatures inside the house.

A proper heat loss calculation is an important part of our in-home consultation.  The Comfort Optimizer System is the most convenient load calculation system available. Using simple point and click selections on the touch screen, we can quickly perform an accurate room-by-room or whole house load calculation