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RL 50 Linear Wood Fireplace

Renaissance Fireplaces  strive to introduce people to wood burning in new and exciting ways and to preserve the nostalgia of a crackling fire that consumers expect. The wall-to-wall fire of the RL50 is an experience unlike any other.

It’s common for the glass of wood burning fireplaces to become blackened after regular use, but the RL50 has an air wash system to keep it clean. You’ll enjoy a clear view of the flames even after multiple fires.

The Linear 50 is not designed to be used as a heat source but incorporates a heat redistribution system (HRS) to help beat the chill. You can choose to heat the room with the fireplace or draw the heat away to another location.

The firebox of the RL50 is designed to optimize a wide horizontal fire. The base is designed to allow airflow around your wood regardless of where it is placed. You’ll have a consistently beautiful fire time after time.

Preventing heat loss from your home is just as important as heating it. Renaissance fireplace doors seal tightly to prevent warm air from escaping up your chimney. Our optional Chimney Top Damper completely seals off the top of the chimney making it ideal for passive homes.

With a glass viewing width of 46” and only 15 ½” tall, the RL50 is both stylish and modern. The door and screen lift effortlessly into the enclosure above the fireplace when they are not in use.

Technical specs

Outside Dimensions-70 3/8″W x 66 3/8″H x 28 3/4″D
Shipping Weight-1,131 lbs
Shipping Crate Size-70 1/4″W x 69 1/2″H x 32 1/2″D
Door Opening Size-50 7/16″W x 19 7/8″H
Glass Viewing Size-45 7/8″W x 15 3/8″H
Firebox Dimensions-44 1/2″W x 14″D
Chimney Size-10″ RIS
Minimum Chimney Height-12’ (more with elbows)
Touch-up Paint-Stove Bright Metallic Black
Maximum Fuel Load-4-5 medium logs
Maximum Log Length -24” maximum
Gas Log Provision -YES
HRS (Heat Recovery System)-Included with fireplace,
Two 10″ dia. outlet ducts – 5′ length
Two 10″ dia. inlet ducts – 5′ length
HRS Grills
Four 13 1/2″ x 6″ wall grills (included)
Mobile Home Approve-NO


Outside Air
4″, meets R2000 (FO-INT)
HRS extensions
EO-DUCT = 5’ outlet extension
EO-CID = 5’ inlet extension