Peterson Log Sets – Real Fyre

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Peterson Log Sets – Real Fyre

Sets include individually handcrafted logs, wood-style grate, Advantage 21 Burner System, choice of factory installed controls, glowing embers, granules (sand or vermiculite), flexible connector kit and damper clamp.

Product Features

Reduced gas usage, as little as 1/2 the gas of standard gas logs, saves you fuel costs.
Patented ribbon burner technology provides full flames and dramatic glowing embers without the annoying “hiss” sound associated with some log sets.
Choice of controls; offers a range from manual to safety pilot to remote – safety pilot and remote options include a piezo ignition.
Choice of log styles; including Split Oak, American Oak, and Rugged Split Oak and Charred.
Available in 18″, 24″ and 30″ sizes and to be used with Natural or Propane gas fireplaces.