maintenance program

Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program


  • Potential problems are spotted before trouble and major expense occur
  • Automatic, regular inspection service
  • Lubricating, adjusting and cleaning keeps your heating and cooling system running at peak, trouble free efficiency
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Peace of mind
  • 5% discount on additional repairs


  • Cleaning and adjusting automatic controls
  • Cleaning burners
  • Adjusting combustion for optimum fuel efficiency
  • Check refrigerant controls and coil (if applicable) for maximum efficiency
  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Check all wiring for loose connections and condition of insulation
  • Check supply voltage and amperage craw
  • Test electrical controls for proper operation
  • Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment
  • Test safety shut off response
  • Check and clean filter
  • Lubricate components as needed

We offer a range of benefit plans tailored to your equipment and needs. Please contact us for a free estimate.