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High Country 3000 Eco










High Country 3000 Eco  Wood Fireplace

Napoleon’s new High Country™ 3000 Eco has changed to a catalytic fireplace, yes, just like your car. This fireplace has lower emissions then it’s predecessor and burns up to 25% longer, thus a more efficient model while still maintaining its heat.

Full list of Features

New catalyst added
Dimensions, 43 1/4”h x 42”w x 29 1/4”d
Glass Sizes: 17″h x 12 1/2″w
Burns 25% longer than previous model
Lower emissions of 3.25g/hr
President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
Decorative knob allows the operator to bypass the catalyst temporarily, increasing the air flow through the unit to aide in starting a fire or reloading fuel
Digital catalyst temperature monitor allows the operator to ensure their fireplace is always within the optimal temperature range to provide lowest emissions possible
Improved air wash system allows glass doors to stay cleaner
Cast iron baffle and bypass door for durability
Cast iron front doors provide consistent seal
Black Andirons come standard


Product Brochure

Product Manual


Pearl 3600 (Coming Soon)

RSF – Pearl 3600

Peral 3600 Wood Fireplace (coming soon)

Coming soon! Renowned for quality construction and market leading performance, the Pearl 3600 is EPA 2020 certified at 1.49g/hr. Like all RSF fireplaces the Pearl 3600 is built to last a lifetime and is an excellent addition to any home. The Pearl is crafted with the perfect combination of refined, yet rustic styling. Capable of heating 1,500 square feet, the Pearl can be outfitted with an optional Heat Dump blower to ensure your comfort. Excess heat from the fireplace can be drawn to the basement or an adjacent room with the flick of a switch.




EPA 2020 certified at 1.49 g/hr
Heats up to 1500 square feet
6″ EXCEL chimney
Non-catalytic, fully adjustable fire
Optimal efficiency of 79%
2.1* cubic foot firebox
Takes 18″ logs at the front (16″ at the back)
Options include Internal Blower, Heat Dump, Gravity Vents
* Based on overall firebox dimensions

Technical specs

Firebox Dimensions-2.1 cubic feet
EPA Certification-1.49 g/hr
Optimal Efficiency-79%
Heating Capacity -Up to 1500 square feet
BTU Output Range -11,000 to 50,000
General Specifications
Outside Dimensions-36 3/8″ W X 38 11/16″ H X 24 1/8″ D
Shipping weight -tbc
Glass viewing size-19 ½” W x 11 ¾” H
Firewood Length -18″ logs in the front; 16″ logs in the back
Chimney-6″ EXCEL
Door Finish -Black
Outside Air -4″, meets R2000
Mobile Home Approved -NO




Opel Plus Keystone

RSF – Keystone








Opel  Keystone Wood Fireplace

As part of the growing Opel family, the Keystone is the result of fine craftsmanship, inspired by versatility and built on more than 30 years’ of proven performance with high efficiency wood–burning fireplaces.
The Keystone name comes from the interchangeable keystone facing that is offered either as a semi-clean look or as a full faceplate, adding modern sophistication and design choices to any mid-sized space.

Low Emissions – High Performance

Semi-clean face option (requires two gravity vents for heat output)
Full Keystone facing for maximum impact
EPA certified to comply with particulate emission standards at 0.7 g/hr. (with the 635cfm Central Heating Blower option)
Large 3.6 cubic feet firebox allowing overnight burns.
BTU Output range 10,000 to 70,000
Heating capacity up to 3000 ft2

Technical specs

General Specifications
Outside Dimensions-36 7/8″ W X 52 1/4″ H X 24″ D
Shipping weight-605 lb
Glass viewing size-22 ½” W x 14 7/8″ H
Firebox size -3.6 cubic feet
Firewood length-18″
Chimney-7″ Excel
Door finish-Black
Outside Air -4″
Mobile Home Approved-NO


EPA Certification-0.7 g/hr
Optimal Efficiency -80% LHV
EPA Average Efficiency -70% HHV
BTU Output Range -10,000 to 70,000
Heating Capacity -1,500 to 3,000 ft2




Focus SBR

RSF – Focus SBR








Focus SBR Wood Fireplace

The Focus SBR is one of RSF’s most popular fireplace designs and is certified to the 2020 EPA emissions regulations. With RSF’s latest technology, the Smart BurnRate system built-in, the Focus SBR is easy to operate and incredibly efficient. It is EPA certified at 1.4 g/hr, 44% cleaner than EPA 2020 requirements. Everyone benefits from the air-infused easy light-up, followed by tons of heat, clean combustion, and beautiful lazy flames.
This fireplace is certified for use with 7″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.
Large 2.6 cubic foot firebox and heats upwards of 2,000 ft2.
EPA 2020 certified at an emission rate of 1.4g/hr.
Smart BurnRate System (non-catalytic).
Molded firebrick lining.
Mobile home approved.
Takes 22” logs.
Can be installed into a masonry chimney using an RSF adapter and a UL/ULC listed stainless steel chimney liner.
Can be connected to a central heating system

General Specifications

Framing Dimensions-45″ W X 44 1/4″ H X 24″ D
Shipping weight-562 lb
Glass viewing size-24 ¼” W x 13 ¼” H
Firebox Size-2.6 cubic feet
Firewood Length-22″
Chimney-7″ Excel
Door Finish-Black
Outside Air-4″, meets R2000
Mobile Home Approved-YES


BTU Output Range-10,000 to 50,000
Heating Capacity-1,000 to 2,000 ft2
EPA Certification-EPA 2020 certified at 1.4g/hr
Burn Technology -Smart BurnRate system (non-catalytic)
Optimal Efficiency- 75%








Split Pane

Renaissance – Split Pane









Split Pane  Wood Fireplace

It takes its name from the finely crafted glass view which is set inside a three inch deep, ¼” steel lintel. Unlike our Linear 50, which has a guillotine style glass door, the glass of the Linear Split Pane is divided into three panes. There is a fixed panel on either side of the centrally located door which opens discreetly on a hidden hinge. Normally a fireplace with a viewing area this large requires a 10″ chimney, but this unit has a hidden secret – it requires a chimney 36% smaller. Much like a funnel will over-flow if too much water is poured in, so too, will smoke spill out of a chimney that is too small. The clever door design offers a solution to the quintessential problem of big fireplaces requiring big chimneys in order to work well. The Linear SP provides the viewing space of a massive fireplace, but offers the door size of a woodstove.

Technical specs

Outside Dimensions-58 1/4″W x 63 3/4″H x 24 1/8″D
Shipping Weight-1055 lbs
Shipping Crate Size-72″ W x 69″ H x 33″ D
Glass Viewing Size-47″W x 14 3/8″H
Firebox Dimensions-44 1/2″W x 14″ D
Chimney Size-10″ RIS or 8″ EXCEL
Minimum Chimney Height-12′ or 18′
Maximum Fuel Load-3 medium logs (6″)
Maximum Log Length-24”
Touch-up Paint-Stove Bright Metallic Black
HRS (Heat Recovery System)-Included with fireplace,
Two 10″ dia. outlet ducts – 5′ length
Two 10″ dia. inlet ducts – 5′ length
HRS Grills
Four 13 1/2″ x 6″ wall grills (included)
Mobile Home Approved-No
Door Opening Size-24″ x 15.5″







Uptown 600

Renaissance – Uptown 600









Uptown 600 Wood Fireplace

The Uptown’s clean design and moderate size offer endless possibilities for style and expression.

The built-in guillotine door and screen glide smoothly on vertical rails using bearings and duo counterweights. The same fluid motion is used in a tilt-forward system for easy cleaning and servicing. Both the guillotine and tilt-forward systems simplify loading, operation, and maintenance while providing safety to those wanting the experience of a 600 in2 view of a beautiful, open, crackling fire.

Technical specs

Outside Dimensions-44 3/4″ x 56 5/8″ x 28 1/4″
Shipping Weight-705 lb
Shipping Crate Size-51″W x 63 1/2″H x 32″D
Door opening size-36 7/8″ W x 26 1/8″ H
Glass viewing size-28 1/2″ W x 20 3/8″ H
Firebox Dimensions-28 1/2″W x 13″D
Chimney size-8″ EXCEL
Minimum Chimney Height-12′
Gas Log Provision* -Yes (50,000 BTU max)
General Specifications-HRS (Heat Recovery System)-Included with fireplace.
Touch-up Paint-Stove Bright Metallic Black
Maximum Fuel Load-3-4 medium logs
Maximum Log Length-24″
Door-Guillotine Glide-Rail System
Screen-Guillotine Glide-Rail System
Trim finish-Straight Trim (EO-RUPST) and Frame Trim (EO-RUPFT)







42 Apex Clean Face Fireplace













42 Apex Clean Face Wood Fireplace

The 42 Apex Clean Face is a natural convection wood fireplace that features state-of-the-art catalytic technology. This model delivers high performance, clean-burning heat, while showcasing a spectacular fire view through its massive rectangular door. Designed to be flexible for all installation applications, the 42 Apex is the perfect choice for remodels and new home construction, as its simple installation parameters allow this fireplace to be featured anywhere in your home, including interior walls! This model features the In-Wall Control Center, optional GreenStart™ Igniter and a sleek “clean face” design with very little metal around the glass.


Technical Specs

Heating Capacity: Up to 2,500 Sq. Ft.
Maximum Burn Time: Up to 12 Hrs.
Log Length: 24” Logs
Maximum BTUs: Up to 74,000 (Burn on high)
Emissions: 0.93 Grams/Hr.
Overall Efficiency: Up to 73.1%
Firebox: 3.5 Cubic Ft.
Viewing Glass: 328 Sq. In. 25-1/2″ x 12-7/8″etal around the glass.






Inspire 2000 Wood Stove

OSBURN – Inspire 2000







Are you interested in getting off the beaten path? The Inspire offers a style that will surely withstand variable trends with these pure lines of balanced proportions, allowing the brand Osburn to easily compare to European-style products. This more contemporary look is available on steel base, soapstone or even a minimalist base for those who prefer to place the unit directly on a non-combustible podium. Equipped with a 2.3 cubic feet firebox and an outside air intake, this unit will meet the requirements of domestic energy standards, not to mention that a mobile home installation is permitted.
The Inspire largely meets EPA requirements with emissions as low as 1.54 g/h and complies with the most stringent North American requirements. A guarantee of quality, reliability and durability, once again Osburn clearly demonstrates its firm commitment to the environment to the delight of wood heating fans.


Combustion technology-Non-catalytic
High-efficiency certified appliance-Yes, EPA 2020 approved
Maximum log length-20″
Log positioning-Over width
Chimney diameter-6″
Flue outlet diameter-6″
Type of chimney-CAN/ULC S629, UL 103 HT (2100 °F)
Minimum chimney height (feet)-12′
Baffle type-C-Cast
Approved for an alcove installation-Yes
Approved for a mobile home installation-Yes, with fresh air intake
Shipping Weight-537 lb (244 kg)
Door type-Single, glass with steel frame
Glass type-Ceramic glass
Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height)-20 1/4″ X 9 1/2″
Glass air-wash system-Yes
Overall dimension (Height)-36 9/16″
Overall dimension (Width)-27 7/8″
Overall dimension (Depth)-24 15/16″
Door opening – dimension (Height)-8 3/8″
Door opening – dimension (Width)-20″
Firebox – dimension (Height)-11 15/16″
Firebox – dimension (Width)-21 1/4″
Firebox – dimension (Depth)-17 11/16″
Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution-Yes
Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion-Yes
USA standard (emissions)-EPA Method 28
Canadian Standard (emissions)-CSA B415.1-10
USA standard (safety)-UL 1482, UL 737
Canadian standard (safety)-ULC S627
Tested and listed as per applicable standards-By an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA)
Warranty-Limited lifetime









F 50 TL Rangley

JOTUL – F50 TL Rangley

(*Scheduled to be updated in order to meet EPA 2020 Certification-Not available at this time)














Boasting an overall 84% energy efficiency, the F50 TL Rangeley is the perfect heater for those cold winter months. With the optional Wintergrill, you can turn your EPA certified wood stove into an indoor cooking station too!

Product Features

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Easy top load and front load convenience
Standard Heat Resistant stove gloves
Incorporates Jotul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology
Large enough to be used as a primary heat source
Standard bottom and rear heat shields
Fully functional milled cookplate
Leg levellers
Log length up to 18″ (20″ when front loading)
83,000 BTU’s – heats up to 2,000 square feet


Product Options

Fire screen
Outside air kit
Blower kit
Stove top thermometer
Wintergrill kit (shown in picture)



MANUAL (coming soon)









Jotul – F45 Greenville












F 45 V2 Greenville Wood Stove

Featuring Jotul’s Lifetime Limited Warranty on its baffle and combustion system, the Jotul F45 V2 Greenville is a great heater for your medium-sized home, while being value-priced without sacrificing quality.

Product Features:

Limited Lifetime Warranty
EPA 2020 Certified
Takes up to an 18″ log, loaded front to back
Cast iron and steel construction in classic matte black paint
Incorporates Jotul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology
Large enough to be used as a primary heat source in medium sized homes
Standard rear & bottom heat shields
Convection/radiant heat
Leg Levellers
Compact Hearth Protection
58,600 BTU’s (max heating output)
Heating capacity up to 1,800 square feet

Product Options:

Short Leg Kit
Outside Air Kit
Blower Kit
Stove Top Thermometer
Stove Gloves