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Standard Features

  • Millivolt or IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/low heat and flame adjustment
  • Proprietary burner, with realistic burn
  • Mobile Home, Bedroom and Bed Sitting Room approved
  • Safety Screen Barrier*

* All gas fireplaces manufactured as of January 1, 2015 will include a Safety Screen Barrier

Optional Features

Designer Clean View Circulating Kit (MQZDV3318 only)

No Louvers Required.

Surround Flatt (MQZDV3318 only)

Black or Pewter
Coverage35 5/16” h x 45 13/16” w

Louvers (MQZDV3318 only)

Grills available in Black, Classic Series Black with Antique, Chrome or Polished Brass accents

Surrounds Wide (Louvered Units, MQZDV3318 only)

Chrome and Black
Coverage31 3/16” h x 36 5/8” w

Surrounds (ZCV3622 only)

Coverage34 1/6” h x 39” w

Fan Kit

Heat activated with variable speed control


Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat

Remote Control

On/Off, Thermostat, Thermostat/Modulating

Porcelain Reflective Liner or Metal Brick Liner

Log Sets

Split Oak (MQZDV3318 only) or Driftwood (ZCV3622 only)

Contemporary Rock Set



Newcastle 1.6

 Newcastle 1.6  – Cast Iron over Steel Series

newcastle 1.6

Newcastle 1.6

The Newcastle 1.6 wraps a cast iron profile around Pacific Energy’s 1.6 cubic foot high performance steel firebox. Raised taller for added convenience, the Newcastle woodstoves are easy to light, easy to load, and easy to use. Uniquely designed with swing-out cast iron warming plates, the Newcastle 1.6 provides a concealed cooktop for maxi


Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
Easy to use ash disposal system
High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
Inside and outside combustion air capable
Floating firebox for extended stove life
Heavy plate-steel top
304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
Boost air for easy lighting
Mobile home approved
Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
Swing out food warming shelves
Leveling Legs
Integrated Heat Exchanger
EPA Certified
East-West loading


Available in Metallic Black, or a choice of three Porcelain Enamel Colours: Ebony, Majolica or Antique White


140 cfm temperature actuated variable speed blowermum utilization during long power outages.



Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU)70,000 BTU
Heat Output EPA (BTU)35,000 BTU
Efficiency81.3 %
Emissions3.4 gm/hr.
Firebox Size1.6 cu.ft.
Log Size (recommended)16–18 in.
Log Size (max.)18 in.
Burn Time (max.)7 hrs




Renassaince Rumford 1500

Our Renaissance Rumford 1500 is the biggest of the big.  With nearly 1500 square inches of high quality ceramic glass, there is no other manufactured fireplace on the market that can compare.  The 1500 includes all of the amazing features of the Rumford 1000 like our guillotine door, and screen.  The Rumford 1500 comes standard with the high performance Vermiculite Panels. (see Rumford 1000).

Despite its size, the guillotine door moves with the touch of a single finger.  Burning with the screen down allows you to enjoy the crackle and pop of the fire without having to worry about sparks.  Alternatively, closing the door prevents warm room air from being lost up the chimney and increases efficiency.  The shape of the firebox creates a taller fire and reflects more heat into the room than a traditional fireplace.

The Renaissance 1500 is an excellent alternative to a traditional open hearth fireplace.  It has the size and appearance of a stone hearth, but the added benefit of an air tight door, tons of heat and reduced emissions.  If you’re considering building a fireplace made of masonry, make sure you consider the benefits of the Renaissance 1500 before deciding.



Technical Specs:

  • Firebox- 24″ maximum *** Note It is possible to overfire the Renaissance Rumford. The suggested maximum load size is 3 logs that are 6” in diameter and 20” in length. A larger wood load can fit, but the amount of heat crated can damage the Skamol panels over time.
  • EPA Rating-exempt meets ASTM

Dimensions :

  • Height 87.5
  • Width 60.5″
  • Depth 32.75″


Renaissance Linear RL50


Renaissance 50 Linear






This colossal linear fireplace is the newest addition to the Renaissance fireplaces family. The unique built in guillotine door and fire screen combination, as well as the largest view of any linear wood burning fireplace make it the ultimate choice in luxury and design.

Linear 50

Contemporary wood burning at its finest. At 50″ wide, the wall to wall fire of the L50 is an experience unlike any other. As with all Renaissance Fireplaces, the door and screen open with an elegant guillotine system. The L50 includes a HRS (Heat Recovery System) to distribute some of the heat throughout the home using ducts.

Technical information

Outside Dimensions 70 7/16″W x 66 3/8″H x 28 5/8″D
Shipping Weight 1050 lbs
Shipping Crate Size 70 1/4″W x 69 1/2″H x 32 1/2″D
Door Opening Size 50 7/16″W x 19 7/8″H
Glass Viewing Size 45 7/8″W x 15 3/8″H
Firebox Dimensions 44 1/2″W x 14″D
Type of Glass Ceramic Glass
Chimney Size 10″ RIS
Minimum Ceiling Height 9′
Minimum Chimney Height 12’ (more with elbows)
Touch-up Paint Stove Bright Metallic Black
Maximum Fuel Load 4-5 medium logs
Maximum Log Length (1) 24” maximum
Gas Log Provision ( 2 ) YES
HRS (Heat Recovery System) Included with fireplace,
Two 10″ dia. outlet ducts – 5′ length
Two 10″ dia. inlet ducts – 5′ length
HRS Grills Four 13″ x 13″ wall grills (included)
Mobile Home Approved NO
Outside Air ( 3 ) 4″, meets R2000 (FO-INT)
HRS extensions EO-DUCT = 5’ outlet extension
EO-CID = 5’ inlet extension
Safety ULC S-610 / UL127
EPA Certification note (4) Defined as a fireplace

Note 1: It is possible to overfire the Renaissance Linear 50 if the maximum fuel load or log length is exceeded.

Note 2: These fireplaces have an access panel to accept an aftermarket gas log assembly. You may not install a gas lighter in any Renaissance fireplace because the high firebox temperatures will burn out the log lighter very quickly.

Note 3: All Renaissance Fireplaces™ come equipped to accept a 4” outside air duct, if there is more than 20’ of length a 5” duct can also be used.

Note 4: The Renaissance Linear 50 fireplace is defined as a fireplace by the 2015 particulate emissions standards put in place by the EPA. Therefore, the 2015 particulate emissions standards do not apply.





Pearl Fireplace

RSF – Pearl





The Pearl is crafted with the perfect combination of refined, yet rustic styling. Advanced wood burning technology restricts smoky emissions and maximizes heat efficiency. Capable of heating 1,500 square feet, the Pearl can be outfitted with an optional Heat Dump blower to ensure your comfort. Unlike a wood stove, excess heat from the fireplace can be drawn to the basement or an adjacent room with the flick of a switch.


  • 2.1 cubic foot firebox
  • Heats up to 1500 square feet
  • Takes 16” logs
  • EPA Phase II certified
  • Realistic firebrick lining

This fireplace is certified for use with 7″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.


Outdoor Living


For over 30 years Sunglo outdoor patio heaters have offered the quality and features customers have come to expect.

Sunglo heaters work like the sun by utilizing radiant heat to warm people and objects without heating the surrounding air. The radiant heat quietly and efficiently provides outdoor warmth for you, your family and friends.

Colors & finishes:

Colors and finishes including silver-gray, white, forest green, black and stainless steel. All Sunglo heaters are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and coatings.

OSI Ignition:

The optional DSI ignition system provides easy lighting with just a touch of a finger. A single AA battery is needed for 100 easy lights. Removable access panel makes battery replacement a cinch.

Coverage, Comfort and Safety:

Each Sunglo heater will cover, on average, a 15 foot diameter area, raising peoples comfort level 5-10 degrees. Exposure to windy conditions will reduce the coverage accordingly. For semi-exposed areas we recommend 12 foot spacing between heaters. The safety system may automatically shut down the heater when exposed to direct winds over 10 mps.

Other Models Available:

Sunglo heaters are also available for natural gas. Installation options include permanent post, portable post, and suspended mountings. There are four basic models of the Sunglo heater to provide as much flexibility in patio design as possible.

MODEL 265:

(permanent installation)

  • 50,OOOBTU/hr rating
  • 100% safety control
  • Available with 24 V control
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • CSA design certified