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Blaze King - Sirocco 30 Freestanding Wood Stove

Sirocco 30.2

 Blaze King – Sirocco 30.2

Blaze King - Sirocco 30 Freestanding Wood Stove








 Sirocco 30.2 Wood Stove

Customize your Sirocco 30.2 by choosing either the Pedestal or Cast Leg version. You can complete your styling preferences by choosing the available nickel trim accents. As with the Ashford 30.2 and the Chinook 30.2, the Sirocco 30.2 has our cleanest burning firebox at 0.80 g/hour. The 2.9 cu.ft. firebox is large and is capable of burning for up to 30 hours on low.


Real World Test Performance

  • Cord Wood Max BTU-50,000 BTUs
  • Efficiency-76% (As listed by EPA)
  • Constant Heat output on High-35,980 BTU’s per hour for 10 hours
  • Constant Heat output on Low-11,993 BTU’s per hour for up to 30 hours
  • Square Feet Heated-1,100 – 2,400
  • Maximum Log Size-18″
  • Recommended Log Length-16″
  • Average Heating Time-8 – 13 hours
  • Potential Burn Time on Low-Up to 30 hours on low
  • Emissions (grams/hour)-0.8 g/hr
  • Firebox Size-2.9 cu.ft.
  • Flue Size-6″