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Rumford 1500


A new feature of the Rumford 1500 is the Flush Hearth System, which not only reduces the height and weight to make installation easier, but allows the firebox to be installed flush with a non-combustible floor.

Product Features:

  • Ceramic Glass Hideaway Door
  • Firebox and throat are lined with Skamol, a material which is durable at the highest temperatures
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Model RIS chimney which is listed to UL 103HT, the UL Standard for chimneys capable of withstanding repeated chimney fires.

50% Larger Firebox Than the Original Rumford

With almost 1500 square inches of viewing space, a fire that’s just as beautiful as the original Rumford 1000, emissions so low they’re almost unbelievable and the most advanced door system in the industry, the motto “Clean doesn’t mean compromise” has just been taken to a whole new level.



True North TN10

True North TN10

Small space heater that brings great bang for the buck

  • Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
  • Single lever air control
  • 0.8 cubic foot firebox
  • Heavy plate-steel top
  • Available with legs only
  • EPA certified
  • Cast Iron Door
  • Mobile Home approved
  • Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
  • Inside and Outside combustion air capable



  • Temperature actuated 60 cfm variable speed blower

Engineered with an entry-level tube comustion system, this little performer is a great choice for occasional use rooms an small spaces requiring shorter burn times.




Standard Features

  • SIT Valve with Hi/Lo Flame and BTU Adjustment
  • Accent Lighting with Decorative (White) Glass Ember Bed
  • Safety Screen Barrier
  • Proflame II Models include Remote Control – Features flame, thermostat, smart thermostat, accent lighting (MQRB4436NE2, MQRB4436LPE2, MQRB5143NE2, MQRB5143LPE2, MQRB6961NE2 and MQRB6961LPE2 Models only)

Optional Features


Choice of Millivolt or IPI electronic ignition system with battery backup


Single-Sided or See-Through for your viewing pleasure


Black or Stainless; Available in two sizes – Frame and Edge


Porcelain Reflective or Fluted


Heat Activated with Variable Speed Control (available for Single-Sided unit only)


Four Piece Driftwood Set with Four Rocks, Three or Five Piece Driftwood Set or Three Piece Large Driftwood Set (5143/6961 Models only)


Contemporary Rocks, Decorative Stones, Decorative Ember Glass (Glacier Ice, Cobalt Blue, Black, Bronze, White), Ember Chunks or Multi-Colored Cannonballs


Wall Mount Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat







Newest creation by Marquis Fireplaces

This big brother of the popular Bentley by Marquis is getting some serious attention and lots of second looks from home owners wanting to enjoy a statement fireplace. An expansive glass viewing area and beautiful designer options allow you to customize the look to your own style. Take the chill out of the room with this heater-rated fireplace, and bask in some serious warmth.

Product Features

  • Dedicated Clean View Appearance
  • Millivolt or IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/Low heat and flame adjustment
  • Pan burner with realistic flame pattern
  • Child safety screen

Product Options

  • Fan Kit – Heat activated with variable speed control
  • Designer Doors – Three styles: Arch or Straight Black Doors
  • Surrounds – Hearth Mount 4″ Wide
  • Brick Refractory Liner – Traditional, Herringbone, or Stacked Brick
  • Porcelain Reflective Liner or Refractory Fluted Liner
  • Glass Tray – with various media choices including Contemporary Rock, Driftwood Set, Decorative Stones and Decorative Ember Glass in five colours
  • Log Sets – Two choices – Split Oak or Driftwood sets
  • Accent Lighting – for use with the Glass Tray
  • Thermostat – Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat
  • Remote Control – On/Off, Thermostat or Modulating Thermostat and/or Fan Control




Enclave (single view or multi view)

Creating a New Dimension

The new ENCLAVE from Marquis creates a sleek and cleverly designed gathering point for the heart of your home. Amazingly versatile, this beguiling fireplace adapts to suit any room with options for a single side, corner or a Bay Peninsula. It transforms completely with your choice of fireplace liner and accessories that range from driftwood logs and contemporary rocks to cannonballs and glass.

Product Features

  • Accent Lighting
  • Proflame II Models include Remote Control with the following features: flame adjustment, thermostat, smart thermostat and accent lighting control
  • Zero Clearances to TVs and Artwork
  • Glass Safety Barrier


Product Options

  • Black or Stainless Surround (Single-Sided Models only)
  • Porcelain Reflective Liner, Reflective Glass Liner or Fluted Brick Liner
  • Various Media choices including Contemporary Rocks, Decorative Stones, Decorative Ember Glass (Glacier Ice, Cobalt Blue, Black, Bronze, White), Ember Chunks or Multi-Colored Cannonballs
  • Five choices for Log Sets – Four Piece Driftwood Set with Four Rocks, Three or Five Piece Driftwood Set, Three Piece Large Driftwood Set, or Six Piece Driftwood Log Set
  • Corner Kit available for Bay Peninsula Unit
  • Black Side Extension Panel (Single-Sided Models only)









Standard Features

  • Millivolt or IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/low heat and flame adjustment
  • Proprietary burner, with realistic burn
  • Mobile Home, Bedroom and Bed Sitting Room approved
  • Safety Screen Barrier*

* All gas fireplaces manufactured as of January 1, 2015 will include a Safety Screen Barrier

Optional Features

Designer Clean View Circulating Kit (MQZDV3318 only)

No Louvers Required.

Surround Flatt (MQZDV3318 only)

Black or Pewter
Coverage35 5/16” h x 45 13/16” w

Louvers (MQZDV3318 only)

Grills available in Black, Classic Series Black with Antique, Chrome or Polished Brass accents

Surrounds Wide (Louvered Units, MQZDV3318 only)

Chrome and Black
Coverage31 3/16” h x 36 5/8” w

Surrounds (ZCV3622 only)

Coverage34 1/6” h x 39” w

Fan Kit

Heat activated with variable speed control


Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat

Remote Control

On/Off, Thermostat, Thermostat/Modulating

Porcelain Reflective Liner or Metal Brick Liner

Log Sets

Split Oak (MQZDV3318 only) or Driftwood (ZCV3622 only)

Contemporary Rock Set






The 4237™ gas fireplace by FireplaceX® is an extra-large clean face heater-rated gas fireplace that pushes the limits of fire and delivers in all areas of performance, design and functionality.

Perfect for large gathering places, from great rooms to grand entryways, the 4237 gas fireplace is a true showstopper that will make a commanding statement and become the best view in any home. The huge 1,554 square inch viewing area and fire display extend right down to the floor, creating a timeless look that resembles a real masonry fireplace. The 4237’s incredibly detailed, massive 10-piece log set and standard interior accent lighting showcase a big, bold fire that is second to none.

With a 3,000 square foot heating capacity and standard twin 130 CFM fans, this gas fireplace delivers the heat; however, you have the ability to control the heat output to a comfortable setting for you with the GreenSmart™ remote control.

Heating Capacity Up to 3,000 Sq. Feet
Minimum BTU Input 32,089 (NG) BTU’s / Hour; 30,887 (LP) BTU’s / Hour
Maximum BTU Input 60,000 BTU’s / Hour
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating 62.76% (NG), 63.87% (LP)
Glass Area 42″ W x 37″ H
Fan Standard
GreenSmart Remote Standard
Burner System Dancing-Fyre™
Comfort Control No




FireplaceX’s newest EPA-Certified wood burning fireplace, the 42 Apex™, is designed to deliver high performance, clean-burning heat, while showcasing a spectacular fire view. A massive rectangular door and large 328 square inch viewing area beautifully frames and complements the fire, offering a sleek design that accommodates all styles, from contemporary to traditional.

Designed to be flexible for all installation applications, the 42 Apex™ is perfect for remodels and new home construction, as its multiple chimney options and simple installation parameters allow it to be featured anywhere in the home, including interior walls.


  • Bypass damper for easy start up fires and smoke-free reloading
  • Easy to use single air control, artfully hidden in the face design
  • Perforated air wash for super clean glass
  • Unibody construction and heavy gauge steel firebox lined with kiln dried firebrick
  • Exceptionally quiet 400 CFM fan that minimizes noise while maximizing heat output
  • State of the art catalytic operation provides you with one of the cleanest burning zero clearance wood fireplaces in the industry
Heating Capacity Up to 2,500 Sq. Feet
Heat Output Up to 62,000 BTU’s / Hour
Maximum Burn Time Up to 12 Hours
Efficiency 73%* (HHV)
78.6%* (LHV)
83.3%* (Max. LHV)
Firebox Size 3.5 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size 24 Inches
Emissions 0.69 Grams Per Hour **
Weight 670 Pounds
Construction Heavy Gauge Steel



DVL 34 GSR2 Insert

FireplaceXtrordinair – DVL  GSR2 Insert






Large Deluxe 2,000 Square Foot Heater

The deluxe  34 DVL gas fireplace insert is the most convenient and beautiful way to provide warmth to medium and large sized homes. This insert has the same heating capacity as the 33 DVI gas insert but features the award-winning Ember-Fyre™ burner technology and high definition log set, along with fully automatic operation with the GreenSmart™ 2 handheld remote. The 34  DVL gas insert comes standard with powerful convection fans, along with interior top and rear *Accent Lights, which can be utilized to illuminate the interior of the fireplace with a warm glow, even when the fire is off.

The 34 DVL gas insert features the Ember-Fyre™ burner and high-definition log set, or the Dancing-Fyre™ burner with your choice of log set. It also offers a variety of face designs and fireback options to choose from.

*Top Accent Lights can only be used if the Driftwood Fyre-Art™ or Fyre-Stone™ Rock Kit is chosen.

Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input 40,000 BTU’s / Hour
Steady State Efficiency (High) * Up to 82.71% (NG), 82.61% (LP)
EnerGuide Efficiency Rating 72.83% (NG), 73.74% (LP)
AFUE 77.3% (NG), 79.4% (LP)
Fan Standard
Venting Dual Flex – 3″ x 4″
Weight 135 Pounds
GreenSmart Remote Standard
Burner System Ember-Fyre™ or Dancing-Fyre™
Comfort Control Standard
* Your results may vary depending on your vent configuration



Focus See-Thru

RSF – Focus See-Thru

Focus ST

Supplemental Heat and Light Viewed From 2 Rooms at Once

The Focus see-thru is a contemporary, high efficiency two-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from two separate rooms. Each side includes a large glass viewing space and an operational door.

Product Features

  • 4.1 cubic foot firebox
  • EPA exempt, but has been certified by an independant lab to meet EPA standards with an emission rate of 7.5 g/hr.
  • takes 20″ logs
  • Approved for a vented gas log set
  • Will heat up to 1,000 square feet



  • Gravity Vent Kits, allowing you to distribute heat to other areas of your home
  • Rock Retainer Kit
  • Andirons